Infant Ear Piercing is not a recent trend, it has been around in multiple cultures around the world for quite some time. In most areas of the world, infant ear piercing is not a taboo subject but is something done sometimes before the baby even leaves the hospital. The risk of infection using today’s advanced methods and techniques is very small and can safely be disregarded. When it comes to getting your baby’s ear’s pierced there are some pertinent points that stand out.


There are some places in the world that pierce babies’ ears before they leave the hospital after they’re born. In more developed countries, they require a certain amount of time to pass (usually between three and five months) before they would consider doing the piercing. In addition, some places demand that the baby have a vaccination record showing that they have been vaccinated with the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) vaccine at the very least in order to ensure that the baby is in a least-risk bracket before agreeing to do the procedure.


It’s a good idea to have your baby’ ears pierced by a medical professional, a doctor or a nurse. The person should have with some experience in infant ear piercing, since experienced professionals are more likely to know how to deal with children. They will also know how to maintain sterility.


When it comes to choosing the best metals for a child’s ear piercing, stainless steel tops the list. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and its surface is quite smooth, allowing for easy movement as well as providing fewer places for any dirt or bacteria to become lodged in. Gold could also be used, but nickel should be avoided on general principle. 14Kgold has nickel in it.  We use only 24K gold.  Nickel allergies, although rare in children at birth, can develop over time with the use of nickel metals in earrings.

Baby’s ear piercing is important to you and to her. Make it a hassle-free experience and one that doesn’t result in nightmares for either you or your baby. A few simple prepatory steps and you’d be surprised at how quick and easy the procedure is!