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Infant ear piercing is one of the things that parents do to their offspring early in life. The commonly held knowledge (which is in fact erroneous) is that earlier piercing would hurt the child less than having their ears pierced later in life. There is no empirical evidence proving this point so it should be noted that piercing a young child’s ears could be held off until the child herself has a say in whether she wants her ears pierced. In the debate for and against infant ear piercing there are some notable points, such as:

Pros – Societal Acceptance

To campaign against ear piercing in this day and age would get you a lot of raised eyebrows. Ear piercing for infants came into vogue earlier this century and has never really left societal fashion. It is understood that little girls get their ears pierced when they are young and no one really worries too much about it. It’s a common thing to see lots of infants and little girls wearing earrings at a tender age as a show of their femininity and style. It is true that your baby will look cuter with a matching set of earrings to go with their outfit, not to mention comparing her earrings with those of their close friends, a true bonding experience.

Cons – Infection

For a young child, there is very little defense against the ills of this world. Usually their undeveloped immune system is an accident waiting to happen. Introduce the smallest pathogen into their system and it could cause massive damage to the baby. It is advised that parents wait at least until the three to five month mark to allow for at least a cursory development of the immune system. It is obvious that nothing can be 100% sterile so things will be introduced into the baby’s system; it’s just a matter of waiting until such a time as the baby is able to deal with them. Ideally piercing should not be undertaken until the first vaccination is done to allow for a deeper development of the baby’s immune system.  At Charlotte’s Ear Piercing we use sterile equipment and sterile earrings.  You have no worries about infection.

Baby ear piercing is a fun time for a new parent and is exciting for any parent who wants to see their child start off on her journey to womanhood, but we must be wary and balance the desirables of societal acceptance alongside the undesirables of infection. The level of advancement has decreased the amount of cases of infection from ear piercings significantly, but there is still a small chance of an infection happening. Be aware, for both your sake and your baby’s.

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