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We Are Currently Accepting Appointments For Home Visits In Philadelphia Only


We have a very, very unique business where we come to YOUR home. Because of that uniqueness we are having a challenging time finding the right Appointment software for our business, a software that does exactly what we need it to do. Most of the "Appointment-Booking Software on the market is for businesses where the client comes to the business. Like Doctor's offices, Beauty Salons and Real Estate Offices. Because we come to YOUR home we are faced with many challenges. These challenges can have a great impact on the time that we arrive at your home.

  • We have the challenge of traveling to your home and we cannot always predict the amount of time it will take.
  • We have the challenge of traffic and traffic jams.
  • We have the challenge of what’s going on at the previous person’s home.
  • We have the challenge of the previous person taking a long time deciding on the earrings she wants
  • We have the challenge of the previous baby having medical of physical problems that have to be accommodated
  • We have the challenge of the weather
  • We have the challenge of there being more people at the previous home than we knew about.
  • We have also had the challenge of a flat tire.

Our approach to these challenges is to have patience with each client and the challenges. We ask you to also be patient with us and to book your appointment on a day when you are not pressured for time and you are not rushed. Many of these challenges are out of our control   

There can be a 4 hour window of time for your appointment.  For instance, if your appointment is for 10 am, we could arrive between 8 am and 12 noon. We may arrive 2 hours before your appointment or 2 hours after your appointment time.  The Nurse will call or text you the day before your appointment to give you a closer time range.  She will also call or text you when she is actually on her way to your home.  If for some reason she does not get an answer from you she will not come to your home.  In that case you will have to reschedule your appointment for another day.    Please let us know if you have any questions.




Please Check For The Price Of Your Zip Code BEFORE Booking An Appointment


We only visit homes within the Philadelphia area, WITHIN THE 191.. ZIP CODES.    For most areas within Philadelphia the price starts at $45.00-$75.00. It depends on your Zip Code.  If you live in Philadelphia and your zip code is not on this list below then your price starts at $45.00. The price also depends on the style of earring you choose. You can choose the style you prefer when the Nurse arrives at your home.

 All prices includes earrings, nurses' visit and the ear piercing

19133, 19148, 19153  Price $55.00-$80.00

19111, 19112, 19113, 19118, 19120,   19124, 19125, 19126, 19127, 19128, 19134, 19135, 19137, 19149 Price $65.00-$90.00

19116, 19115, 19114, 19117, 19136, 19152, 19154,  Price $75.00-$100.00