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We have a quite unique business where we come to YOUR home. Because of that uniqueness we are having a hard time finding the right Appointment software for our clients. Before booking, you will see a number of time slots that you can select. However the time you choose is not accurate due to the fact that we are traveling all throughout the entire city or county to get to each and everyone of our clients. Therefore, we cannot predict an exact time that we will arrive to your home. You are not booking an exact time appointment, but instead simply securing your spot for the day!

Please keep the following info in mind:

  • People from all parts of the city book in the same day. In order to get to each of our clients efficiently, we must follow a route.
  • We may have circumstances where the previous client is having medical of physical problems that has to be accommodated
  • We have the challenge of the weather
  • We have the possibility of running into heavy traffic.
  • We have also had the challenge of flat tires and car accidents.

Our approach with these challenges is to communicate as soon as we can to provide a more accurate window of time to expect your visit. We ask you to also be patient with us and to book your appointment on a day that you are not pressured for time. 
Depending on how many clients we have for the day and where each of you live, your appointment can be as early as 9am or as late as 3pm. 

We generally require a 4 hour window for busy days. For instance, if you live in the northeast area of philadelphia, your window would typically be set between 9 am and 12 noon. If you live in the west philly area, you may not be serviced until 12-3pm. On less busy days, no matter where you are located, all clients can be serviced before 12pm. With that being said, we understand our clients have no way of knowing if they booked on a busy or slow day which is why we will call or text you the day before your appointment to give you a closer time range.  We also call and/or text you with ETA the day of your appointment so that you are prepared.

If for some reason we do not get an answer or response from you we will not come to your home. In that case you will have to reschedule your appointment for another day.
Please let us know if you have any questions.