Our Ear Piercing Studs

We use only 24K gold earrings because they contain no nickel at all. Many adults and infants are allergic to nickel found in 14k gold earrings. Many of our clients ask if we can use their earrings. Unfortunately we cannot use your earrings to pierce your child's ears. There are many reasons why we cannot.

1. Our earrings are specially made for ear piercing. They have a very sharp tip  to facilitate quick and painless ear piercing.

2. Our earrings are 24K gold over Surgical Steel which will contribute greatly to the infection-free and fast healing of the ears.

3. Our Earrings are sterile which is absolutely necessary for piercing the ears.

4. Our earrings fits perfectly into our ear piercing instrument.


Your child will only have to wear the ear piercing studs for 6-8 weeks.  Then you can change into your earrings.

 Our 24K Ear Piercing Studs